Pivot Your Way To $100m

With the proliferation of social media a lot of us are being mislead on a daily basis by all of these overnight millionaires who are selling their ‘systems’…

“Just buy this $9 ebook and you’ll be on your way to 8 figures!”, they say…

Start a Shopify store and make six figures!

Become a coach and make seven figures!

Start an online course and make millions!

Are they all scams?

No, of course not. It’s definitely possible to be successful in those niches, people are doing it everyday.

Here’s the thing though, you don’t see the ‘real’ numbers behind the scenes…

I had a mentor who was coaching another individual (one of the most prolific coaches online today) that was netting almost a million per month. He charges $15,000 for his program.

He told me the success rate among students was only 10% or less…

More specifically:

  • 30% fail to implement
  • 30% implement with no success
  • 30% implement with some level of success
  • 5% achieve success
  • 5% are ‘case study’ worthy

I can tell you this – when I am delivering services to clients and charging my current rates, if I only succeeded 5-10% of the time, I would be out of business in a year or less.

Granted there are, of course, some very good coaches and courses, but this individual is one of the best, with amazing resources at hand to support clients, and he’s STILL only getting a fraction of his students the results that are advertised.

It’s all about playing on people’s desires.

These people focus very intently on creating and exploiting something they call ‘The Gap’…

It’s the distance between your current situation and where you want to be.

Gary’s message is: If you aren’t where you want to be, stop whining and HUSTLE…

He’s talking about the Gap.

He’s advertising his success and the fact that he has made it and you haven’t, therefore listen to Gary V.

(Listen, I LOVE Gary V, but I am simply analyzing and explaining the influencer business)

Watch some of his videos –

It’s all very seductive when you see Gary V or Grant Cardone boarding their G5 and heading to the next media appearance.

People WORSHIP Gary V…

Why is that?

They see his lifestyle, listen to his machine gun delivery full of wit and wisdom, and say, “he’s so cool, he gets it, I want to be like him”….

Sorry, you can’t do Gary V. No one can. There will never be another Gary V.


Because no one else has taken his path, his experiences are his own, his wisdom is gained through his unique life experience.

You can do only YOU, and that is plenty good enough to life the dream, if you believe it is…

Here’s the truth about Gary V: He’s the overnight 20 year millionaire…

Gary has had an extremely long and hard road to get to where he is currently.

It all sounds great in a 20 second soundbyte, but Gary would be the first one to tell you he has worked his ass off and struggled for 20 years straight.

Ok then, so if I just hustle for 20 years I’ll be rich like Gary V?

Nope, not even close.

You have to pivot along the way and leverage each win into the next thing.

The key is pivoting forward.

Here is how Gary V pivoted into being a millionaire:

Lemonade stand

Took that money and invested in…

Baseball cards

Took that experience and started…

Working in the family wine business

Took that company and pivoted it into

Wine ecommerce

Grew it from $3m to $60m

Took that money and started an agency

Grew it to $100m

And so on…..



pivət/ noun

  1. the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.
  1. synonyms:
  • fulcrum, axis, axle, swivel; More

In basketball, a pivot is used to get around the person blocking you from your goal…

In business, pivots are movements that take a little bit of success, and leverage the momentum into the next step up.

Gary didn’t write down a plan that said, “I’m going to take over the family wine business so I can start a $100m agency someday”.

He naturally progressed from one to the other as his interests changed.

Here’s how you can pivot successfully as you progress through your career:

Recognize what is truly working

This is simply taking stock of your in house 80-20 data. What’s REALLY working? Is it the tech? Do you have a killer group of salespeople but the wrong product? Maybe your tech could be used for something entirely different.


  • Youtube started as a dating site
  • Twitter was a podcasting network
  • Groupon was a fundraising site

Pivot with Authority and Confidence

The team you are leading will be unsure of your plan. You just moved all of their cheese. If you hesitate, waver, or otherwise show indecision, they will start to look for the exits.

You’ve analyzed the situation, and are confident in the new direction, your judgement is sound.

Be confident!

Head Nod Test

If you can’t pass the head nod test, re-evaluate the pivot.

Your move should make complete sense to everyone involved, including customers. When you explain, “Hey, I know we’ve been doing this, but do you see all of this movement over here? We think this is more valuable, and it’s where the business is taking us”, you should get the HEAD NOD…

If you get a blank stare, maybe it’s not the right move…

Listen, the answer lies inside of you, and it’s your path. If you feel like you’re pivoting away from failure, you need to step back and look at the big picture.

If you are pivoting to capitalize on momentum you’ve created, you will have a much easier time getting to the GV 😉

Pivot wisely my friends!  

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