Just the facts…

I’m a marketer, writer, surfer guy, and entrepreneur (sometimes successfully, other times not).

What I am on most days is someone who is ever evolving. Pursuing knowledge, systems, and passions with the goal of improving my life and my family’s situation.

I’m looking for the better idea, the new platform or technology, or the more happy existence. Some of these are ideas are mutually exclusive, I won’t tell you which.

Through dumb luck I was born into the beginning of the commercial internet. My career started at the same time as a burgeoning internet (think Alta Vista, Lycos, AOL, Yahoo).

With absolutely zero technical coding ability, I have somehow managed to think my way through the last 20 years and evolve myself in an ever greater position.

My primary skill is user acquisition and strategy.

I’ve been co-founder of 2 startups that have generated over $10mm in revenue, each.

No massive exits, no retirement, but a solid support base that has allowed me to do what I want, when I want.

I view the internet as a strategy, a series of funnels that lead people from point A to point B. Behind point B is a profit, always and forever, and that to me is the most crucial part. Without it, you cannot sustain the service.

Profit = sustainability.

If you are helping people along the way, then you have achieved true mastery.

What is the point of all this?

Well, there’s a saying that talks about, “When you get up the ladder, reach back and pull the next person up”…or something to that effect.

Well, I have by no means reached the end goal, but I have learned enough along the way that I think it helps to share experiences. Oftentimes you will learn more from my mistakes than lessons.

My mission right now is to wake people to the fact that there is no more security in the standard job.

If you don’t have equity, you have nothing.

I want you to learn to evolve yourself. Move to the next rung on the ladder, and then help the next person.


I know what it’s like, I was there for 12 years. Building someone else’s dream.

I will tell you everything I did to unshackle myself. I’ll tell you every mistake I made, and as much as I can about how to avoid them.

But What Do You Do?

Right now I am involved in several projects (I have ADD)

Co-Founder Grocery Coupon Network – One of the largest distributor of grocery coupons online…

Consultant – Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media client acquisition…

Free SEO Report – A free SEO tool that helps people improve their website rankings…

Beginner gardener, farmer, and landscaper (When I need to get off the computer…;)

Surfer (I live on Maui for a reason)

Family guy (my wife and two boys, 9 and 11)

Work With Me?

I don’t take many clients, but if you want to pitch something contact me here…