How to Become Successful in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s say for a moment that you are not exactly where you want to be.

Whether we admit to ourselves or not, we are 100% responsible for every aspect of our lives. If you’re not at that place you dream of, there’s a reason and you can do something about it.

Your choice of peers plays a huge role in this.

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage: “You are the average of your 5 best friends”…Jim Rohn, the motivational speaker coined the phrase that speaks to the core of influence on human behavior.

The energy you absorb from your peers is the a huge factor in determining your future, in business and every other aspect of life.

Negative people will hold you back and seed doubt into your mind.

Positive people find ways to win, and will lift those around them.

Coming from a blue collar town I think I was raised to be ‘realistic’ and ‘self effacing’. These traits do not help entrepreneurs.

For me the biggest change in my career occurred when I started changing who I associated and worked with.

I’m not sure it was a conscious decision or just sort of happened instinctually, but around 2004 I met a guy at a job who shared some interests with me. We hit it off and became friends.

He went on to start a small software company that did really well. He got to work from home, at a time when this was really unusual, and I was really envious.

Every time I went to his house to hang out and talk shop, I thought to myself, “man this would be amazing, how can I make this happen?”…

I couldn’t work with him directly because the company was too small at the time. Over the next couple years we stayed friends and I watched his business grow to over 7 figures. Meanwhile I was still working a j.o.b., which was really frustrating. However, I was picking up some hyper-relevant skills and honing my craft, even if I was doing it for someone else’s company.

We stayed in touch and never stopped talking about schemes or ideas, it was non-stop.

A couple years later we were having a conversation about doing some work together. I mentioned a couple paid advertising campaigns I was managing with Google Adwords. We talked about how much money my clients were making (I had a guy who sold poker chips who made $50k/day).

How can we do that?

What could we sell?

What’s working now?

Well, that afternoon we stumbled on an idea for an affiliate niche.

I did some research and found that this vertical had really cheap traffic, and super high volume.

We discussed a strategy to prove the concept. He would fund $5k in advertising, and we would build the campaign and site.

My partner at the time would start building the landing page, and finished it in a few hours.

We turned on the campaign the next day and voila, we made a few hundred in profit. We were ecstatic.

The next day we turned up the ad spend, and the profit increased even more.

Within a couple days we were making over a $1,000/day.

The business we just started was on it’s way to 7 figures and has never looked back.

A huge reason for the success of the company was this new friend. Someone who could ‘unstick’ problems, communicate effectively, and always move things forward.

I didn’t know it during the process, but what I had done was follow a path of re-invention.

I was trying to avoid people who I felt were holding me back, and was expending more effort to attract and nurture relationships with ‘successful’ people.

Here are the 4 steps I recommend implementing if you want to change your situation:

  • Up-level your peer group

Your current group is likely not getting it done for you. Who is bringing you down? Causing distractions? Stepping on your dreams? Talking you out of new ideas? Cut them loose and replace them with someone who inspires you.

  • Pick a ‘friendtor’ (mentor)

You can’t work with everyone, so out of your new peer group, pick one person to pitch ideas to. There is only 1 rule: This has to be a person who is ALREADY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

  • Start a project with them

Engage them, bring ideas to the table, try to get them involved, excited, get their advice, have them fund a project, whatever it takes.

  • Watch, learn, hustle

You will no doubt start to notice things they do that you are not doing. Whether it’s waking up earlier, making more calls, phrasing things more positively, not complaining, etc.. You will be amazed at what you learn if you are open to it.

Learn from these examples!

I hope these steps help you in your journey, they have made a huge difference in mine.


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